Andre Filipe
Gostava de saber o preço de um corte de cabelo destes para mim que tenho nove anos
andre lameirao
bom dia gostava que me desse dicas para fazer um corte com crista em cima, muito curto de lado e atras. ou espetá-lo em cima.
se poder mandar fotos. obrigado espero pela resposta
Close to elections: Know who they are for real and what crimes are behind AU, BR, US, and UK governments since end of 2001. Believe it or not, even slavery, genitalia mutilation, brain-washing, and torture are behind them since back them.
Spread if you can to as many people as possible. She got like that ( because of natural disease, but my head and my hair have been made almost like that because of human crime. Her disease may be explained through her past lives and wrong doings, but crime can only be explained through human selfishness, cowardice, and absence of respect for others, for the rules created via common social agreement and etc. Please rush to give me at least justice. I was perfect like she probably was before disease. Yet, there is a huge difference between what could easily be blamed on God and what is solely to be blamed on human kind. Won't believe what 'people' (do not classify any of them as human beings) have done to me, and not even only to me (Heath Ledger is one of their victims, for instance, also AU female mathematician of about 30 y.o.). Rush to help. More than urgent.

Vi a entrada da vossa loja em Aveiro uma tabela com diferentes cortes de cabelo (marine, falcão, etc...) , seria possível disponibilizar-me essa tabela.... para pedir opiniões a amigas!

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